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Step Together Dance






This was a website I created that was to showcase what Step Together Dance is really all about. 

To see more, the website can be viewed by clicking here.



This site was built using Wix. It was based on a template but with continued feedback and collaboration with the client, it became one-of-a-kind. The colour choices were chosen to compliment idea of ballet but keeping it unique. The goal was to keep it bright and colourful to convey a warm and childlike feeling since that's who the site was meant to be seen by: parents and their children.

The site had started very serious and professional looking, not appealing to who the dance classes were intended. It very quickly went from using black and white photography featuring professional dancers, to being playful and approachable with different photo choice, colours, and type.

The one element that maintains the absolute feel of ballet is the heading Step Together Dance at the top of the page. A large, high-contrast, serif typeface conveys the traditional feeling of ballet.

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