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York University


Using the skills learned throughout the second term of my first year at York University, this website was created from scratch using HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript.

The goal of the project was to tell the story of a chosen movie, mine was Jurassic Park. The approach I wanted to take was to make it ironic, the visuals make it look like a children's storybook, but the story is anything but.


This project started with some simple crayon drawings of dinosaurs after watching Jurassic Park. The other shapes were created this way as well in order to follow the style. 

The entire project was designed using Adobe Illustrator
and Figma before being coded. The coding was difficult at first but slowly became familiar. Having to code this site allowed for more actions which were not possible in Figma, since, by using Javascript, I was able to have elements like
the vines, swinging.

main poge_Page_1_edited.jpg
main poge_Page_2_edited.jpg

The colours were chosen based off of the scenery in the movie, but were made brighter to make them more childlike. Each illustration had originally been drawn with crayons in order to make sure this child-like look was genuine. 

That was the same reason for the choice of the typeface. Since it was meant to look like a storybook, I chose Lora, a serif typeface that had a more delicate look to it. All other type was hand-drawn using crayon, and Barlow was used as the "MENU" typeface.

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