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intrusive inner voice project



Student work




York University
The purpose of this quiz is to help people gain an understanding of what their intrusive inner voice could be visualized as in order to be used as a way to externalize the intrusive inner voice. 

To define an intrusive inner voice , it is the malevolent voice that you hear in the back of your head. When it is experienced, it often is the cause of or is caused by distress. The intrusive inner voice differs from your 'inner voice' as its intentions are negative, and do not resonate as your own.

the site

Built by Ethan Fifle, this site has the visualisation quiz where users can create their own 'voice,' a gallery with past users' voices, and a page explaining the purpose of the project.


Create a visualisation of your intrusive inner voice


View and compare what other have created from the quiz


Find out more about the process of the project


This poster is meant to display the variety of faces that are possible. It can also generate intrigue which may lead to viewers using the URL to go to the quiz and create a visualisation of their own intrusive inner voice.
poster 2.jpg

short film

The short film delves deeper into why the quiz is important. I feel as though, if it wasn't said enough in other copy on the website or poster, that this video really hits the message home about the significance of creating your own visualisation.


The logo emphasises two key elements of this project. One is the fact that it is a voice that is trying to be visualised. Two, the changing of the mouths represents the variety that can be found with the voices.





research question

How do individuals visualise their intrusive inner voice?

where it started

This whole project started from a personal place. I had done the exercise of creating a visualisation of what my intrusive inner voice looked like to me and found it extremely helpful in order to be able to externalise it. I thought it would be extremely interesting to see what intrusive inner voices of other people looked like.

That’s how my initial research question came to be: How do people visualise their intrusive inner voice?

The research question would show a completely different way of viewing mental health and what people may be experiencing, it would display the variety of voices people may be experiencing, and it could potentially help others have a tool for externalisation. I also spent a lot of initial time figuring out the right terminology which was where I started using the term “intrusive inner voice.”

My first iteration of the project was going to be conducting interviews and having individuals draw their own voices without any prompting.

how it continued

I decided that primary research conducting these interviews would be both a dead end potentially, and it would only work for a small number of people to be interviewed because many people are not visual thinkers.

My new goal was to create something that anyone could use in order to visualise their intrusive inner voice without needing to be a visual thinker and can therefore have this visualisation in order to potentially use it as an externalisation tool.

This would require a quiz of some sort that would help build this voice.

how it was built

I got the help of Ethan Fifle, a student at York University, majoring in computer science, to help me build the quiz. The initial plan was just to embed it into a simple webflow page, but this grew into Ethan building the entire website; both frontend and backend.

Each visual was designed through research and/or critique. The mouths and eyes for the faces were created through using AI and photoshopping them in order to avoid adding any of my own bias. These were essential in taking time on because I wanted to avoid any features that were too human. The goal was to avoid the final result looking like anybody the user would know.

Finally, the gallery, poster, and film were done in order to document the variety of voices that have the potential to be heard by an individual. The film and poster are simply examples, but the gallery on this site is living documentation that was built by individuals who have taken this quiz.

The branding (logo and logo motion) came a bit later when I decided that this was a project I wanted to pursue. 

This project will be ongoing. I think there's still a lot more I can do and refine that will help make it even more effective.

process work

original logos
original poster
IIVV branding-03.png
IIVV branding-04.png
IIVV branding-05.png
Intrusive Inner Voice Poster.jpg
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