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Student Work


York University


The goal of this project was to create a catalogue of artifacts that represented our definition of "modernity."



Catalog Mock-ups

front+back covers_edited.jpg



Today, the past is being brought to light and being reexamined to make change, particularly environmentally, in the present for a better future. Design supports the change that is being addressed in the need to create a cleaner earth. Rather than having a specific “look,” the focus is more about the message and the effect of a design. It can manifest in different ways depending on the medium and the meaning.


The definition I had originally set out with was very vague and covered almost all senses of the term "modernity." It brought me to my first two artifacts which were DismalLand by Banksy, and a Pangaia sweatshirt. These were too broad so I needed to further define "modernity." 

That drove me to go the environmental route since environmental causes have always been something I was interested in. The artifacts I chose were all related to being forward thinking in being environmentally aware in material and message. 

The artifacts were:

1. Take your Bag for a Walk by Laura Wills

2. Elevated Wetlands by Neil Hadley and Noel Harding

3. PANGAIA x SDGs lightweight recycled cotton hoodie by PANGAIA

4. Ecosia by Christian Kroll

5. Ecolife Toothpaste Tablets by Ecolife

The three typefaces used for this project were:

  • Quicksand (Title and header copy)

  • Courier (Footnotes and miscellaneous copy)

  • Open Sans (All body copy)

The colours were strictly green and white with coloured images to go with my theme of green being the new modern. I wanted "GREEN" to be memorable whenever the reader remembered this catalog.

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