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York University


This project's aim was to rebrand a festival, making a bilingual poster, program, and e-ticket. My festival of choice was Stratford Festival, one that I have been to many times and have always had a fondness for. Since I know Stratford Festival well, I wanted to bring in elements that encapsulate not only the history of the theatre and workshop aspect, but also the town itself. Due to Stratford Festival taking place in Ontario, the second language I decided on was French.










There is always a large audience that attends. Majority are between the ages of 45-64 (Stratford Festival, Audience Demographics), but there is also a growing youth population (Hodgins).


The festival takes place in Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is s walkable town (Wendlandt) with beautiful outdoor scenery including riverside paths and paddle-boating. Since it is in Ontario, I decided to use French as my second language for each item.


Stratford Festival puts on at least twelve productions every year in their renowned theatres. The year I chose to redesign had a theme of World Without Walls.


Usually occurring between the months of April
to November.


This system uses representational, symbolic, and abstract  modes of communication in order to embody the ideas behind Stratford Festival. It represents the landscape and nature found in Stratford in a representational way. Symbolically, the geese found on each item has been dressed up to symbolize the actors in a Shakespearean play. The landscape is torn pieces of paper, also symbolic of the idea of plays. 


The imagery and colour palette  were  used to convey a serene and sophisticated feeling that could continue to draw in the older portion of the crowd that visits the Stratford Festival, while making it very playful and modern with adding the drawn elements along with more modern type placements. The little symbols on the geese were used within the program as abstract design elements to increase its playfulness. The identity of the festival is  both connotative and denotative. The denotation comes from the landscape found in each item but also in the photography that is featured in the program. The connotation largely occurs with the colours, ripped paper, and the drawn elements of the geese.


I thought it was important to show that the festival is not only great in the theatre, it is also an experience outside of the theatre. This was featured with the poster originally but I also decided that all of the photos I would take to include in the program would be outside as well.



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Text for program

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All photos taken by Myah Wills

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